Love Kills [The Ship Went Down]

by Sum

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ha ha ha..

I still aint had enough nah
I could never have enough nah
Nothin i'm feelin adds up.i swear
Why do you need me, why choose me
You feed me, then abuse me
Why do you lead me, then lose me

Love kills me

You push me till im broke down
No crowns for the king of a ghost town
Pushin a milli up the road...
Dust devils flyin up my nose
In the valley of the dead widda fresh lit stoge
Stuck between love and the outlaw's code
I wanna stay grounded but flyin thru the streets
Am i just alive so i can die for my beliefs?
Dont wanna give a fuck but i gotta by design
Aint got a roadmap but i gotta follow signs
If u see a footprint its prolly mine
On the stairway to heaven, heavy are the times
God be a heart cuz the devil is the mind
I gotta sever ties me the wall that you want me to drive into
this shit is HILARIOUS
one more time and you

You find me, antagonize me
Chew me up and spit me out by the pine tree
Love, Why are you the muse
You motivate me till i'm so scattered i cant move
Stars might shine but they stationary still
Cant see from here if they fake or barely real

One more time and you..

Drive me till my voice broke
But i still sing ya praises to my boys tho
Love, Oshun i'm not immune
still wanna save the world and give it all to you
I see my wife down i tell her persevere
I see my mama cryin drop a sermon in her ear
My dude on the skids and i remind him why we here
But i aint even sure myself although i may appear
Overconfident underwhelmed self assured
But also well aware hell is where the lines blur
Between bein optimistic and a fuckin fool
You cannot stop a mystic who is part delusional
Yo...what have we become
What corner did we turn
My crown chakra is a crown of thorns
And it burns
Maybe we just tryna be too much to too many at the same damn time imma learn
How to say no, how to say bye
How to tell between a common thief and ya guy
But time got a way of tellin truth you cant deny
knowin that imma love until i die

Love kills me.


released October 16, 2015
Produced by Core Rhythm. Featuring players from The Milky Way and House of Rabbits



all rights reserved


Sum Los Angeles, California

Creative. Dragon and Frontman for The Milky Way.

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